Monday, September 10, 2012

First Crochet Projects

Good evening!  As some of you may remember from some posts of mine a couple weeks back, I was recently reintroduced to crocheting by a good friend.  We got together the weekend my sweetie left for his camping trip and she taught me a few different stitches.  The following weekend we got together again and she taught me how to finish my projects, how to create ruffles and how to make flowers.  I definitely found a new hobby while my sweetie was gone!

Here are the first two scarfs and hats I made during the week my sweetie was gone.

The pink and white scarf was made using a rectangular loop loom (I think that's the right name for it.....).  The hat was made with a crochet hook and a half double crochet stitch.

The pink and purple scarf was made with a crochet hook and a double crochet stitch and was finished off with some ruffling.  There are a variety of stitches used to make the flower.  I attached the flower to the scarf  using a regular needle and thread.

The blue hat was made with a crochet hook and a single crochet stitch.  The flower is the same flower as on the scarf above and was also attached to the hat using a regular needle and thread.

I had so much fun making these scarves and hats!  I already have another scarf in the making and have already purchased more yarn for more projects.  I'm so excited to work on them and am just hoping for a colder winter than last year so that we can make good use out of these scarves and hats!!


  1. These look fantastic!! I'd never have guessed that you were just learning!!! I really like the pink & white hat, I like the alternating colors!

  2. You did a wonderful job at crocheting these items. I learned to crochet in high school with the granny square stitch. Did not like so much that the squares had to be joined so I decided to keep going around & around on the blanket I made. The blanket is queen size. Still have it & use it. Then when I moved to TX before I married a secretary at the company I worked for taught me how to read a pattern and then from there on I've been crocheting ever since although I do not crochet as much as I use to. Enjoy crocheting small items like dishcloths (actually use them and they are better than store bought) and holiday items. There are several free patterns on Internet. If you are interested in some of the free Internet patterns let me know.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. HI Heather :) Super cute crocheted projects here!! I do some of that and have taught my girls to as well. Maddy (12 yrs.) has recently made some fun fingerless gloves and some potholders. Anyways, saw your cute cards on the Fantabulous Cricut blog and had to come check out more of your cuties. Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work *Ü*