Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Book

The baby book I have been working on for the past month or so is finally complete!!  I had so much fun working on it and want to share a few pictures of some of the pages.  I got the idea for this book from Missy over at Quick Chick Designs.  The first page of the book has the baby's name, room for a couple pictures and a spot for the parents to enter the birth info (date, length, weight, etc).  Then I created 2 page layouts for Expecting, Arrival, Going Home, Family, Furry Friends and Bath Time.  Those pages are followed by 2 page calendar layouts, with the calendar on the left so the parents can write any events they want to document, and an almost blank page on the right so they can add pictures (I couldn't resist adding a Cricut image to those pages!).  The last 2 pages in the book is for the baby's first birthday.  I am so excited to give our friends this book!

Here is an example of the 2 page calendar layout for May.  All the other months follow this same basic design, with a couple of images decorating the calendar page and another image in the lower corner of the picture page.
Here are some of my favorite months (it was hard to pick just a few!).

And finally a close up of the Baby Bunny I put on the April picture page.  That image is just so darn cute I couldn't resist posting this pic!!
What a fun project!!  Thanks for stopping by to look!


  1. This was so cute you could have posted pictures of the entire book!!! She is going to L*O*V*E it!!! I think my favorite month was July.....I really like that flag & sparkler!!!

  2. Very cute!! I see that you have the Versatile Blogger award and the Liebster Blog award, but I have another award for you! Please visit my blog to receive it! Keep your wonderful work coming!