Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello!  I mentioned a while back that I was working on a sewing project.  Well, I finally got it finished!  I'm still new to sewing (I just got my sewing machine for Christmas), but I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Thanks to Pinterest I have a few sewing projects I'm hoping to try out soon.  :-)

My sweetie likes to call our basement his man-cave.  All of my scrapping supplies are down there too though, so some of his friends like to give him a hard time about that.  LOL!  Anyway, he is a big MU fan and has added some MU decorations around the room.

I was at our local J's a while back a saw a blanket hanging on the wall.  I loved the look of the blanket, but had recently made THIS collegiate fleece blanket for us and didn't want to make another blanket (we have plenty of those around already!).  This is the blanket I saw at J's:

Since I really liked the blanket I saw in the store, I decided to make a smaller version of it to use as curtains for the 2 small windows we have in our basement.  I had a little bit of MU pattern fleece left over from the blanket I'd already made, so I just needed to buy some solid gold and black fleece.

I started by cutting out the MU logo that we wanted to be the center of the curtains, as well as the squares of gold and black fleece that I would need to make my checkerboard.  I sewed the squares together to create three rows.

Then I sewed the three rows together to create the front of the curtains.

To finish off the curtains, I used solid black fleece to make the back of the curtains and added a looped piece of fabric to the top that I could run the curtain rod through.  And voila!  Finished curtains!

I had to think my way through this project quite a bit, but I was so pleased when I got them finished.  They actually resembled the picture I had in my head for them, all inspired by that blanket I saw at J's!  The best part was how much my sweetie liked them and how neat he thought it was that I was the one who actually made those for him.  :-)

Thanks for coming by to check out my new curtains!!


  1. These turned out terrific! I really like them!! Better not let my DH see them....he'll be getting some ideas for his office!!! :)

  2. Wow...beautiful project!!!
    Sherrie K