Monday, April 30, 2012

'Final Exam' Cake

Hello and happy Monday!  Can you believe this is already the last day of April?!?  May starts tomorrow!

Last week, Missy and I had our last Decorating Basics class and we decorated our 'final exam' cakes.  I got the idea for my cake by combining two example cakes that were shown in our course book.  The cakes that I got my inspiration for both had ribbon roses on them.  I was too chicken to go with the roses though.  We learned the roses during the first part of our last class, then spent the second half of class decorating our cakes.  I got the idea of making the roses, but mine were by no means cake-worthy!!  It will take a lot of practice for me to perfect those!

So, here is my cake!  I made a lot of swirl flowers in yellow, pink and purple the night before class.  Thankfully I made lots of extras because those suckers broke easily when I tried to put them on my cake!  I piped a shell border around the bottom of my cake and placed the swirl flowers all the way around.  Then I piped a crescent shaped mound of icing on top of my cake and placed more swirl flowers along and on top of the mound.  Then I finished my cake off with my sentiment. 

Note to not leave a decorated cake on the Wilton Cake Turntable and attempt to put that inside my cake carrier.  The cake carrier is not quite tall or wide enough.  Too bad I had to learn this the hard way.  :(  Not only was the turntable wedged inside my cake carrier, but the flowers on top got a little squished.  The people we gave the cake to were very touched to receive it and (thankfully) very understanding of my mishap.  They loved the cake - squished flowers or not!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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  1. Your flowers are GREAT!!! These were one of my favorite to make!! Your cake looks YUMMY!!!